Exterior of Houston luxury hotel.


Delighted Guests

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"We have stayed at most Leading Hotels large and small across the country. However your hotel far exceeds their level of service. Whatever you are doing to train your staff should be a model for all upscale hotels. Wish I could live here forever".

"Everything was wonderful. You cannot improve perfection."

"Thank you for all for all you did to make these days as comfortable as if we were at home."

"I think this is the first time that I have stayed in a hotel in Houston and actually felt at home in my room and around the building."   "We have held meetingsin Monterrey, Rome, Venice, Florence, Hong Kong, Sante Fe, to name a few, and we all agreed your staff provided us with the most pleasant meeting environment yet."

"How to describe the Granduca experience?  First of all one does not "stay" at the Granduca.  Over the past two years it has been my privilege to live at the Granduca several days each month.  One does not check in to the Granduca.  From the valet staff that extends the initial welcome, to the front desk staff that verifies the fact that you are somewhere special to the housekeeping staff  that made sure your favorite terrycloth robe (in the right size) was waiting to ease your traveling aches all is thought about and all is taken care of.  During the summer Israel makes sure that the ice cubes are still floating in your diet coke and Jeremie always makes a special effort to let you know that your favorite dish is available in the dining room, and those damn flowers in the lobby always demand to be sniffed. Guests are immersed in a system of excellence that surpasses the lodging experience and demands that one match that standard in everything that they do.  I never leave the hotel in the morning without making a promise to myself that during that day, in some small way, I will impart some part of that graciousness on my client's organizational environment." - Jeremy Conaway, Longtime guest of Hotel Granduca

"I finally get the Hotel Granduca. Being happily ensconced there for the past several weeks with my children, dog and husband (new house under renovation), I have time to study it, and now I see what owner and developer Giorgio Borlenghi envisioned: a very old world luxurious hotel-villa, in the vainof a seaside or hillside Italian albergo, where Sophia and Gina might mingle with the Agnellis. Holly Moore, editor in chief, Paper City